Academic Events

Academic events (co)-organized or involving participation of the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism


(24-26.02) International Workshop : Cultures of Shrinking -Visaginas / Partners: Estonian Art Academy Tallin, Herder-Institute Marburg, Lithuanian Social Research Centre, & EHU Center for German Studies

Support: Deutsch-Baltisches Hochschulkontor Riga, DAAD


(20.02 ) Members of the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism  Benjamin Cope, Miodrag Kuc and Siarhei Liubimau, discussed emerging urban practices together with Mindaugas Pakalnis (chief architect of Vilniaus Planas 2004-2013) and Nerijus Milerius (Associate Professor at Vilnius University) within a public event  ”CITY. THE BREAKING POINTS” organized by Architecture Fund and Vilnius University

(09.05) Public lecture by Ben Cope and Miodrag Kuč :  ‘Reassembling Events and Reconfiguring Boundaries’, in the framework of the exhibition OFFSIDE, Gallery «Ў», Minsk

(11.05) Presentation and Workshop : Critical Urban Studies at EHU : ‘ Mapping the World Hockey Cup in Minsk’ by Felix Ackermann, Benjamin Cope and Miodrag Kuč,  Gallery  ”Цех” , Minsk

(16.05) Exhibition of EHU Student Works Mapping Knowledge,  jointly organized by EHU Media Department, EHU Laboratory of Critical Urbanism and EHU Center for German Studies with support of Litpro and the DAAD GoEast Program

(17.05) Panel at the annual student conference: ‘Popularization of urbanism and new professional identities’, led by Siarhei Liubimau and Ben Cope. Excursion to art-incubator Rupert and presentation of the student’s work on Localized Cultural Industries course.


(22.02)  Public discussion Just Mapping ?, Lectures by Indrė Ruseckaitė, Tomas Grunskis, Liutauras Nekrošius, Aistė Galaunytė; discussion moderated by Miodrag Kuc and Ben Cope; EHU, Vilnius

(5-9.09)  Participation in Tallinn Architecture Biennial 2013 , Presentation of JUST 3 project and workshop/exploratory walk at Väike-Õismäe (Tallinn)



(18.05)  Lecture by Miodrag Kuc, Emerging Critical Cartography: Activist Mapping and Collective Knowledge. EHU, Vilnius

(24.05)  Дискуссия Что такое критический урбанизм в Минске? Дискутанты – Бенджамин Коуп, Анна Позняк. Artes Liberales, Минск


(13.05)  Discussion, Creative City vs Post-socialist City as Layers, Pockets and Tracks. Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius

(19.12)  Lecture by Siarhei Liubimau, Understanding Roma Spatial Practices Beyond ‘Nomadism-Sedentarism’ Opposition. EHU, Vilnius


(2-6.10) Research Seminar, Industry at the point of bifurcation: global art, local geography, and the (post)industrial cityscape. The First Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Arts, Ekaterinburg


(2.04) Lecture by Emilia Palonen, Cultural Policy/Politics and the European Capitals of Culture. EHU, Vilnius

(2-3.04) Conference Alternative Culture(s) and Urban Space. OSI Archive, Budapest

(16.04)  Лекция Юлии Бедаш, Город как спорное пространство и пространство спора. ЕГУ, Вильнюс

(20-23.04)  International Seminar on Critical Urbanism. Centre for Independent Social Research, St. Petersburg

(4-5.12) Open Seminar, Belarus and Ukraine in the Context of the Spatial Dimension of Globalisation: State, Capital, Territoriality. Center of Urban History of East Central Europe, Lviv


(01.02)  Discussion, The Use, Exchange and Surplus Values of European Cultural Capital – the Case of Vilnius. Discussants – Laima Kreivyte, Nerijus Milerius, Siarhei Liubimau, Benjamin Cope, Ekaterina Lavrinets. EHU, Vilnius

(15-16.12)  Исследовательский семинар Города в Беларуси и Украине как местоположение и фокус социальных исследований. ЕГУ, Вильнюс


(29.11)  Лекция Оксаны Запорожец, Городская бедность: повседневное производство и проживание. Некоторые размышления о взаимодействии власти, сообществ и горожан. ЕГУ, Вильнюс

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