Localized Cultural Industries and Urban Culture

For 3 years, the laboratory has been organising a section at the annual student conference at EHU encouraging students to explore and question the relationship between culture, cultural industries and the contemporary urban economy. The section sees culture, in the widest sense, as a resource for the transformation of urban spaces, but also seeks to critique the way culture is often instrumentalised in discourses of contemporary urban governance.


Current student conference , 16-18.05.2014.

Popularization of urbanism and new professional identities

Today, the city is often seen as the central node of development, shaped by new types of relations between production and consumption, competitiveness and culture, social problems and political representation. Qualitative changes in the ways cities function give new meaning and new legitimacy to existing spheres of employment and also shape new professional identities of architects, social activists, municipal politicians, urban animators, cultural entrepreneurs, journalists, etc. The goal of this panel is to identify the specificity of these new places and modes of work and the new professional identities that emerge together with the popularization of urbanism as a distinct practice and field of knowledge. In particular, we are interested in how these professions and work places endeavor to achieve legitimacy and seek to realise social goals. The panel welcomes both theoretical analyses and studies of particular projects, cases and approaches.

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