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Issues of Critical Cartography. Social Participation and Urban Change

Workshop Series Winter 2016/17

Issues of Critical Cartography. Social Participation and Urban Change


In this workshop series, the EHU Laboratory of Critical Urbanism summarizes and discusses its research on how USSR period infrastructural projects determine forms of collective living in 2010s Lithuania. The nuances of this determination are scrutinized in three locations. These are two districts of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius – a model of socialist modernist planning Lazdynai and a never reached frontier of socialist modernist planning Šnipiškės –, as well as the former nuclear mono-functional town of Visaginas.

The Laboratory dismantles how everyday practice and meaning-making in the three cases are today included or excluded in wider Lithuanian society, shaped by EU embedded statehood and global competition. In performing the research, critical cartography was used both as a methodology to discover, record and represent socio-spatial change, and as a tool to facilitate inhabitants’ participation in shaping the urban environment.

Each workshop starts with a presentation and discussion of two books published in 2016 – Mapping Visaginas. Sources Of Urbanity In Former Mono-functional Towns and Mapping Vilnius. Transitions Of Post-Socialist Urban Spaces. After the book presentations, we invite you and your colleagues to share insights of your work on related issues in different national and urban contexts in the Baltic States, Belarus, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.

2 December 2016, Minsk

Citizen Participation in Urban Processes in Lithuania

 6 December 2016, Vilnius

Causalities of Urban Processes after the USSR

12 December 2016, Riga

Social Participation and Urban Change in Lithuania

16 December 2016, Berlin

Investigation Participation Visualization

21 December 2016, Kyiv

Europeanisation Of Urban Processes In Lithuania

Project: Participation and Urban Planning in the Baltics,

Organization: EHU Laboratory of Critical Urbanism, Vilnius - Felix Ackermann, Benjamin Cope, Miodrag Kuč, Siarhei Liubimau

Partners: Archfondas, Designteam Jawohl, Deutsch-Baltisches Hochschulkontor, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee, Laimikis, Lazdynų seniūnija, Minsk Urban Platform, Urban Institute Riga, VDA Publishing House, Visaginas Municipality, Z/KU.

Funding: German Embassy Vilnius, German Federal Foreign Office

Contact: urbanism@ehu.lt