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Infrastructure, Sovereignty and Urbanity in the Baltics and Germany

International Workshop: Infrastructure and Urbanity in the Baltics and Germany

Organisation: Laboratory of Critical Urbanism, European Humanities University

Partner: Herder-Institute Marburg, Urban Institute Riga, Tallinn University, EHU Center for German Studies, German Historical Institute Warsaw

Date & Place: 4.5. – 6.5.2016, Vilnius & Visaginas, Lithuania

This project is focused on the shifting meanings of infrastructures of cities currently being radically redefined through modes of technological innovation, geographical rescaling and concomitant mobilities. The workshop brings together scholars from the fields of Anthropology, Sociology, History, Geography and Economics in order to critically discuss what is involved in the transformation from the modernist era organisation of urban space into current conditions of urbanity, and to speculate as to what may be further developments and consequences of this. Within this setting the workshop asks particularly about the changing modes of sovereignty as traced in various dimensions of city dynamics.