Author: urbanism

Very abstractly I could say Experiments’ Platform is inspired by modern scientific approach, but it goes out of ‘the laboratory’ that is associated with modern science as a sterile and controlled context. Mentees in the programme start by raising an idea (hypothesis) and through experimenting and testing it out, they try to understand whether presumptions work within the context they researc

From this perspective, I'm afraid Russia's war on Ukraine is the beginning of destruction of [initially coal powered] Europe's political geography we know from 1945. The reliance of Europe (first of all Germany) on gas from Russia + only the very beginning of systematic decarbonisation are the fragilities that in near future will expose to war hazards much broader geography than only Ukraine.

In my understanding, today Putin and Russian Security Council's goal is to impose on Europe the rules of crude extractivist capitalism, with political geography made not of states developing their territories and accountable to their citizens, but of guarded extraction sites, pipes, servicing engineers, supporting finance infrastructure, as well as consumers with no leverages to influence this pol

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