Baltic Stories Book

Baltic Stories — an alternative visual guidebook — explores the relationship between culture, place and people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. This journey through the Baltic states delves into the small-scale, everyday and unexpected — a street art festival in Tartu changing the perception of public space, a Vilnius community radio started by friends, urban gardens, cutting edge contemporary art spaces, decaying Soviet heritage that still serves as a meeting point for locals, and more. 30 inspiring stories with original photography by up-and-coming photographers uncover the diversity of local culture and its wide-reaching effects, while examining what Baltic means today. For independent cultural tourists, policymakers, and anyone else willing to explore and take part in shared and meaningful placemaking practices.

Published by Urban Institute Riga / Culture Crab, in cooperation with Performative Design Association, Laboratory of Critical Urbanism, Linnalabor and Lasnaidee. 

Available in bookstores and online.

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